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manufacturer focusing on LED display and LED lighting.

As the wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Chontdo Optoelectronics, SHENZHEN CRTOP CO., Ltd is focused on overseas marketing and selling of LED display products, leverages the domestic direct sales advantage of Beijing Chonto and the overseas distribution advantage of CRTOP team. Totally improve the competitive strength of Beijing Chonto’s LED business with wide products range and rich experience. We insist on providing premium pre-sales, in-sales and after sales services to our clients, aiming to be your professional LED overall application solution supplier and win-win partner.


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        The manufacturer of small spacing led display screen believes that in the security control center, the dispatching center is its main core, and led display screen is the leading link of human-computer interaction of the whole dispatching system. Personnel scheduling and planning dec...

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    While there’s still nothing quite like watching your favorite team in person, home entertainment systems are getting pretty close. With wider screens and surround sound, some fans may be tempted to stay in for the night rather than fight for parking downtown. Sports venues are no longer able to r...