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manufacturer focusing on LED display and LED lighting.

As the wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Chontdo Optoelectronics, SHENZHEN CRTOP CO., Ltd is focused on overseas marketing and selling of LED display products, leverages the domestic direct sales advantage of Beijing Chonto and the overseas distribution advantage of CRTOP team. Totally improve the competitive strength of Beijing Chonto’s LED business with wide products range and rich experience. We insist on providing premium pre-sales, in-sales and after sales services to our clients, aiming to be your professional LED overall application solution supplier and win-win partner.


  • How Can the LED Display Be More High Definition?

    To achieve high definition display, there must be four factors: one is that the video source requires full high definition; the second is that the led display must support full high definition; the third is to reduce the pixel pitch of the led display; the fourth is the combination of the led dis...

  • What Are The Factors That Affect The Viewing Angle Of The LED Display?

    The viewing angle refers to the angle from which the user can clearly observe all the content on the screen from different directions. The viewing angle can also be understood as the maximum or minimum angle at which the screen can be seen clearly. And the viewing angle is a reference value, and ...